New tech will reduce toxic diesel emissions

A Telford-based concrete block manufacturer is driving forward its sustainability priorities after utilising a brand-new technology designed to reduce toxic diesel emissions.

Besblock declared the new technology, created by Shrewsbury-based ElimiNOX, as ‘game-changing’ for the industry and for the planet. “Not only does ElimiNOX fit in with our wider sustainability plans and will help to reduce our carbon footprint but it has also saved us money,” said Besblock’s managing director Andrew Huxley. Besblock, which recently announced a six-figure investment to enhance the environmental impact of its products, now uses the technology across all 27 trucks in its fleet and has saved 8% in fuel costs since it was introduced. “With that, alongside the fuel filter replacements and maintenance costs of our fleet reduced, we’re looking at 9-10% savings per year,”

Andrew added. But what Andrew is most excited about is the impact the new tech will have on the local communities. “What ElimiNOX has created is a complete game-changer for the air we all breathe in every day,” he said. ElimiNOX founder Gwyn Lewis explained: “Independent tests have been carried out which show the toxic exhaust levels drop significantly when ElimiNOX is used,” he added.

The tests found a more than 61% reduction in particulate matter 2.5, and a 53% reduction in particulate matter 10. “Lots of people haven’t heard of either particles but exposure to them can affect both your lungs and your heart,” Gwyn added. “There are dreadful stories out there which link particulate matter to lung disease, asthma, deaths in babies and more so these are really ground breaking findings.” The tests also found a 35% reduction in carbon dioxide and a 30% reduction in carbon monoxide. Designed specifically as a fuel conditioner, ElimiNOX prevents fungus growth and diesel bug by preventing water contamination in all stored diesel fuels.

Gwyn added: “What’s different about ElimiNOX from other fuel conditioners is that we tackle the key issue – water. “Excess water in the fuel system contributes to organism growth, corrosion and the build-up of deposits throughout the fuel system – ElimiNOX removes the water from the fuel. Everything else on the market is mainly fuel demulsifiers that leave water at the bottom of the fuel tank.” Gwyn said the new technology will play a key role in the transition to cleaner fuels and beyond to net zero. “Andrew has been very helpful and continues to implement new technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

We need more companies like Besblock to come on board so together we can make a real difference to not only our local communities by reducing diesel emissions and cleaning the air we all breathe in, but ultimately technologies like ElimiNOX will have a positive effect on the planet for years to come,” he explained. ElimiNox incorporates the Technology of SulNox Group Plc and manufactured under licence by Nouryon BV (formally AkzoNobel).