E10 petrol

What is E10 petrol?

E10 petrol is so named as it contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, which will help to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions associated with petrol vehicles. Petrol in the UK currently contains up to 5% renewable ethanol (known as E5) but from September 1st, 2021, E10 will be standard in all filling stations across the UK to help tackle climate change. 

Does this affect me?
Yes. E10 will increase everyone’s fuel consumption as ethanol contains less energy than petrol. E10 will also likely impact many older (pre-2010) petrol and all classic cars with estimates of over 600,000 cars being affected in the UK alone including VW Golfs, MGs, Mazdas, Nissans, Fords and Rovers.

Further information regarding E10 petrol can be found on the RAC website:

RAC - E10

What problems does E10 cause and why?
The main problem with E10 is that the additional ethanol content encourages separate layers of water and fuel to form in the tank. This was less of a problem with the old E5 standard.

All fuels at the pump contain small doses of water. However, extra water is gained over time in fuel tanks purely from condensation, which is unavoidable. This extra water typically gathers and sits in a separate layer at the bottom of the fuel tank where the fuel line draws from.

Ethanol prefers to mix with water as opposed to petrol and where there is sufficient of both, the ethanol will leave the petrol and preferentially combine with the water and form an even larger separate layer at the bottom of the tank. The fuel line then draws from this watery alcohol mixture and is pumped directly into the engine causing damage and breakdowns. This is often the cause of cars going into "limp home mode" over the winter. E10 is just going to exacerbate this issue because more ethanol encourages separation

The Solution: ElimiNOX Eco™ Petrol Conditioner
The problems with E10 arise from water and ethanol separating out from the petrol. ElimiNOX Eco™ Petrol Conditioner removes  these problems by making sure the petrol, water and ethanol all mix better to prevent separation. 

ElimiNOX Eco™ Petrol Conditioner lifts the water from the bottom of the tank and re-disperses it throughout the fuel. Properly dispersed water means that the ethanol cannot combine in a single phase with it and separate out. Preventing this separate watery alcohol phase from forming is the key to removing the problems with E10.

Your car is therefore protected from the inconvenience and costs of a breakdown and subsequent maintenance & recovery. Using ElimiNOX Eco™ Petrol Conditioner each time you fill up with E10 also offers ongoing protection.