Prestigious Fuel Industry Award Win

The UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) have announced (27/04/22) ElimiNOX Limited as the winner of their 2022 Innovation award.

Sponsored by industry trade magazine Fuel Oil News, the UKIFDA Innovation Award is in recognition of the person or company that has made the most significant, innovative, and positive contribution to the liquid fuels industry over the past year. UKIFDA launched the Innovation Award in 2021 to find and commend the one thing that makes the industry stand out – and will always support the most innovative products, services, or initiatives.

Gwyn Lewis, ElimiNOX Managing Director commented, “the award is recognition of the efforts of our whole extended team. It's an undeniable testament to the value that ElimiNOX bring in terms of accelerating decarbonisation whilst working within the practical constraints that are dictating the need for carbon-based fuels for the foreseeable future. In keeping with our mission we see supporting  UKIFDA members and the liquid fuels industry in providing solutions to improve existing and future fuels that play a key role in the transition to clean energy - net zero over the coming decades"

As recognised by UKIFDA in their communication of the award, "The results of the company’s innovative fuel conditioner, which reduces greenhouse gases from polluting vehicles, is what impressed judges. Recent tests with HVO showing a further reduction of 22% of the particulate matter!

With lower fuel bills, extended engine life, less maintenance, lower emissions (beyond just CO2) including customers who are running the latest Euro VI engines. we offer a solution for accelerated decarbonisation that is self-funding.

As we engage with customers across the UK, Ireland and around the world we continue to stress the game-changing capabilities we bring and how we can help businesses transition towards Net-Zero. The UKIFDA award provides additional confirmation that we deliver real and tangible benefit for all carbon-based liquid fuel consumers. 

With our unique fully natural Greentech fuel conditioner we are helping customers across the consumer & enterprise landscape. From domestic & commercial heating solutions to motorhomes, trains, boats/ ships, cars, buses, generators to on road / off road vehicles and plant we enable all of our customers to reduce their emissions and save money on their fuel bills - a simple practical solution to the rising of cost of living that we all face.

ElimiNOX are uniquely placed to supply proven Greentech additives into the fuel production and distribution sectors delivering significant benefits at scale.

With no engine or exhaust modification required by individual consumers, fleet operators, or OEMs and only minor changes for fuel producers we offer a simple solution that reduces toxic emissions at source and in the communities where they occur, providing an immediate step towards a cleaner world. 




The UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association is the Trade Association for the liquid fuels distribution industry and ancillary interests in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, provide Members with a collective voice for the industry at national level, offer services to help optimise business efficiencies and promote best practice in the industry.