The True Cost Of Farming Today

The true cost of Farming continues to rise exponentially as we approach the midpoint of 2022 and there seems to be no let-up in sight! Purchasing expensive farm equipment and machinery is one cost consideration. Running and maintaining the equipment and machinery is another. With the price of both electricity and fuel at record highs, being savvy when it comes to daily costs can and will pay dividends…… literally.

The AEA estimates that the value of sales of agricultural machinery in the UK reached around £2.2 billion in 2021. That is almost 20% higher than in 2020 and more than 10% up on the previous record high reached in 2019. The AEA is a trade association representing manufacturers and importers of agricultural machinery and outdoor power equipment (horticulture, professional and leisure grass care, and forestry). 

The Farming industry connects and feeds the country and our reliance on this sector will only increase in the coming years. This market growth is driven by the industry’s continued investment in research and development for improved fuel efficiency to allow for increased yields, adoption of autonomous tractors, and government subsidies and incentives.

Add to this the fact that this is a highly competitive and price sensitive market, and it becomes clear that the machinery utilised to meet this global demand must be reliable and efficient, to increase uptime and productivity without compromising on durability. With tractors representing over 90% of agricultural equipment globally, this a huge responsibility.

There are indeed many fuel conditioners available to Farmers today. However many are manufactured using ingredients that are potentially toxic making them pollutants themselves. Another common issue with the majority of fuel conditioners available today are they are manufactured to solve single fuel related issues that Farmers will encounter on a typical farm, and in reality there can potentially be many. This means having to invest in multiple products to treat the many different issues. These issues may include Diesel Bug, Fuel Efficiency, Emissions, Keeping Stored Fuel Clean. There is one product on the market that will effectively deal with all potential fuel issues, from storage tank to fuel tank to combustion; ElimiNOX Eco™.

ElimiNOX Eco™ Reduces the Cost of Farming, keeps Stored Fuel in Pristine Condition, Significantly Reduces Emissions and Treats / Prevents Diesel Bug.

ElimiNOX Eco™ is a self-funding, unique, fully natural Greentech fuel conditioner which has been proven in the field to reduce fuel bills (average 8%), reduce vehicle maintenance, significantly reduce emissions (beyond just CO2) and both treat and prevent diesel bug.

The key to dealing with diesel bug effectively, as with so many things, is that prevention is better than cure. The best method of prevention is to remove the growth medium for the diesel bug by eliminating the water build up in the fuel tank. This is where the ElimiNOX Eco™ Fuel Conditioner comes in. ElimiNOX Eco™ is a unique patented formula of natural lubricants and emulsifying agents.

By mixing in a 1 : 2000 ratio of ElimiNOX Eco™ to diesel, the water is uplifted from the bottom of the tank and, broken up into tiny droplets and trapped in an emulsion throughout the fuel. The destruction of the growth environment in this manner means the diesel bug has nowhere to grow.

Further, a recent test by Bureau Veritas concluded that when ElimiNOX Eco™ was added to diesel, the fuel was still EN590 compliant and that lubricity increased by a significant 30%.

ElimiNOX, a Shropshire based company, are delighted to have recently won a prestigious Fuel Industry Award for their product ElimiNOX Eco™. The UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) have announced (27/04/22) ElimiNOX Limited as the winner of their 2022 Innovation award. The UKIFDA Innovation Award is in recognition of the person or company that has made the most significant, innovative, and positive contribution to the liquid fuels industry over the past year. UKIFDA launched the Innovation Award in 2021 to find and commend the one thing that makes the industry stand out – and will always support the most innovative products, services, or initiatives.