The Cost of Fuel : Save up to 8-10% per Litre

The cost of fuel has soared in recent weeks reaching record highs and increasing by as much as 64.7 pence per litre in the last 12 months alone. Currently the average pump price across the UK is 190.93p/litre for unleaded petrol and 198.93p/litre for diesel with the price continuing to increase each week. Meaning that an average family car can now cost over £100 to fill, there are some ways in which you can make your fuel last longer, using ElimiNOX Eco fuel conditioner for instance can increase your fuel efficiency by 8-10%!

Graph showing the weekly road fuel prices over the past 6 years and the steep rise in the last 12 months. Source :


But, Why Are Fuel Prices Increasing?

Simply put, the price of crude oil, which is used to make petrol and diesel, has gone up. With suppliers struggling to keep up with demand the fuel prices are continuing to increase. This is in part due to the war in Ukraine as sanctions are being introduced against Russian exports. Russia being one of the world’s largest oil exporters, the US has already announced a complete ban on Russian oil imports and the UK plans to phase Russian oil out by the end of 2022.


When Will Fuel Prices Go Down?

RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams has said in recent weeks that  “...looking at the wholesale cost of petrol, which has settled due the oil price falling, petrol pump prices really should not continue to rise, if anything they ought to begin reducing. Sadly though, diesel looks destined to head rapidly towards an average of £2 a litre which would make a full tank £110”. The UK government in an attempt to combat the fuel price increase has cut fuel duty on petrol and diesel by 5p per litre for the year however this has now been cancelled out because of the jump in price just since March. It is hoped that the government who are currently undergoing a review of the fuel market will reduce this further, considering the extent of the rises seen in both fuels and living costs. However, if they do not intervene then many across the country will have to rethink their spending habits and look at where they can cut costs, for instance attempting to make your fuel last longer meaning less stops at the petrol stations.


So, How Can I Make My Fuel Go Further?

ElimiNOX Eco can help you reduce your fuel consumption and increase your fuel efficiency by 8-10%, which could save you £1.50/L of fuel and it is even compatible with ALL forms of diesel and petrol engines! This pre-combustion fuel conditioner creates a more efficient burn on the ignition which provides additional lubricity and reduces fuel consumption. Not only can ElimiNOX Eco™ improve your fuel efficiency, it can reduce your emissions by up to 30% and improve your car’s engine and fuel performance. Helping to reduce the chance of expensive engine failures by preventing diesel bug, extending your engine’s life and reducing service intervals. Our real world examples show first hand how our customers have benefitted from improved fuel efficiency and how much they have saved. See below for some more quick fuel saving tips:

  • Driving smoothly can help take the strain off the engine.
  • Closing your windows and emptying your boot will reduce the drag, a heavy car will automatically increase fuel consumption.
  • Fill up at a supermarket as typically supermarket pumps are a few pence cheaper per litre.
  • Make sure your car is up to date with its services as this will help your car’s fuel economy.

With the fuel prices ever increasing, ElimiNOX Eco™ can help your fuel go further, meaning spending less money on fuel and more on what’s important, your family! Get in touch with our team today to find out more or click here to order.