ElimiNOX Eco™ Review – Plant Equipment

We have now been using ElimiNOX Eco™ fuel conditioner for approximately two years now. We have found a fuel saving on average of 40%.


“It is particularly more noticeable on low RPM work; for example, fencing, hedge trimming, fertiliser spreading and spraying. However, when road hauling heavy loads at top speed, it was difficult to gauge at first as the machine will use an inconsistent amount of fuel depending on the terrain of the route and different loads of weight. Also in these more modern tractors, the engine boosting technology has a big effect on fuel consumption opposed to older machines without this technology.


We have also found that the engine note is much smoother and in other machines of our business without exhaust re-circulation and ad blue the machines emissions are far less. Fuel filters are far cleaner on service intervals, water content within the fuel is now no more and diesel bug has now been eliminated.


More power, better acceleration and torque have also been found in all machines and vehicles.


“Fuel saving will be continued and monitored on a regular basis. With ever rising fuel prices, the cost of ElimiNOX Eco™ fuel conditioner is invaluable. By saving money on fuel, this allows us as a business to invest in new machinery and keep up to date with technology etc.


We run the fuel conditioner in all our machines from John Deere 6115R, JCB and Hitachi excavators, through to our fleet of Citroen Berlingo vans and various other small machines and vehicles.


Not only from a cost perspective, ElimiNOX Eco™ is also helping to reduce our carbon footprint which is a big thing in today’s times. Certain contracts do specify machinery to comply with emissions ratings, and ElimiNOX Eco™ helps us comply with these statistics. 


Will Hazan Contracting Ltd


ElimiNOX, Powering Progress in the Liquid Fuels Industry.


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