Berol 6446

Widespread applications for shipping, power generation, oil & gas pipeline systems.

Berol® 6446 - HFO Fuel Emulsifier 

For around 100 years, companies have tried and failed to successfully create a stable ‘water-in-fuel’ emulsion. The proprietary ultrasonic technology used in conjunction with Berol® 6446 HFO Emulsion Stabilizer plays a vital part in the process of substantially reducing toxic emissions and saving your business money through increased fuel efficiency and lower engine, burner and heat exchanger maintenance costs. 

The Hielscher report shows, beyond doubt, that Berol® 6446 HFO Emulsion Stabilizer enables a remarkable, stable emulsion with up to 30% water added and as little as 1% Berol® 6446 HFO Emulsion Stabilizer (a stability that has shown a shelf-life in excess of 5 + years).

Ordinarily, heavy fuel oil (HFO) has to be heated to temperatures between 100°C and 120°C before it takes on liquid form, for use in the burners or in static generator engines, which not only costs a staggering amount of money, but also sees a loss of up to one fifth of the users’ HFO in the fuel-heating process. 

SciMed/SulNOx/Hielscher trials and tests on The Berol® 6446 HFO Emulsifier showed that the product only needs to be heated to between 70 - 90°C (a reduction of 30 - 40°C), meaning around 30% less fuel is needed for the heating process, which means less HFO is used or needed.

The savings on toxic waste emissions from the reduction of heating the HFO will be significant on a global scale. Burning less fuel reduces toxic emissions and the Berol® 6446 HFO Emulsifier will naturally be 30 - 40% less polluting than any standard grade of HFO.

The SGS Certificate tells us that using Berol® 6446 HFO Emulsion Stabilizer in HFO 380 fuel reduces smoke and soot (particulate matter), NOx gases and sulphur emissions and that the strong acid value in the ash is zero. Choosing to use any of the ElimiNOX products will dramatically reduce ‘net emissions’, which is a huge step forward in the fight against global warming.

Product Expectations

Berol® 6446 can be used in all grades of HFO (Heavy Fuel Oils) and will significantly reduce toxic emissions, while achieving substantial financial savings on the wear and maintenance of all HFO burners, boilers and heat exchangers and combustion engines. With applications as diverse as power generation, mining and shipping, Berol® 6446 provides a next generation, natural solution, for immediate progression towards carbon neutrality.


  • Stable, homogeneous emulsion 
  • Fine, evenly-spaced water droplets in the emulsion 
  • Less sludge in storage tanks 
  • Clean fuel oil pipe, pump systems 
  • Ability to use lower-grade heavy fuel oil 
  • Reduced Asphaltenes, reduced viscosity, increased Calorimetric Value 
  • Reduced engine maintenance

During Combustion

  • Longer spray penetration & wider angle
  • Finer atomization 
  • Brighter & wider flame
  • Flame base lifted from spray nozzle 
  • Reduced combustion temperature 
  • Improved heat transfer,
  • More complete burn of fuel 
  • Better thermal efficiency, less demand for excess air, reduced fuel costs

Post Combustion

  • Less fireside corrosion 
  • Improved fireside cleanliness 
  • Lower exit gas temperature 
  • Improved characteristics of exhaust gas 
  • Less soot 
  • Less fouling 
  • Reduced frequency of boiler washing 
  • Less SOx and less NOx 
  • Increased boiler availability