Leisure Vehicles - Fuel Efficiency 

As we head towards the summer months and prime leisure season, leisure vehicle owners are busy planning for their first trip of the year. With many of us now preferring to ‘staycation’ within the U.K, motorhomes, caravans, and van conversions have become significantly more popular in recent years.

Owning a leisure vehicle means free accommodation, which saves money on hotels etc. and gives ‘staycationers’ the freedom to travel pretty much wherever they want to go. Being very large and due to the increased tow weight, a lot of motorhomes and caravans have a significantly increased mpg meaning that the running costs will be much higher.

Fuel costs at the pump have increased exponentially and continue to do so. Filling up your motorhome or towing vehicle for a long journey is now a daunting prospect. There are also times when your motorhome is left to sit idle for weeks or even months at a time with little or no use and your motorhome fuel tank may be prone to diesel bug which has the potential to block fuel filters causing breakdown or even worse.

Wherever you plan to travel in your leisure vehicle, why not use our ElimiNOX Eco™ fuel conditioner to significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and improve your fuel efficiency by 8-10% minimising the amount you’re spending on fuel whilst away. ElimiNOX ECO™ will also keep your fuel in pristine condition preventing the growth of diesel bug.

The ElimiNOX ECO™ fuel conditioner is compatible with all forms of diesel and petrol engines. The only difference is the mix ratio at 1 part fuel conditioner to 2000 parts diesel and 1 part fuel conditioner to 1000 parts for petrol.

In addition to the financial savings from improved fuel efficiency there is the improved torque, increased lubricity (up to 30% less) and reduced SO2, NOx, PM10 and PM2.5 emissions. ElimiNOX Eco™ is unique in that it will actively eliminate the water from stored diesel by means of emulsification, removing the growth medium where diesel bug usually thrives. This means that when you are ready to set off on your much needed break away you won’t need to worry about fuel and engine issues.

How do I work out how much ElimiNOX Eco™ Diesel Conditioner to add? 

In practice the 1:2000 ratio is 5ml per 10 Litres with diesel, thus 25ml of fuel conditioner when adding to 50 Litres of diesel. For random litres can be converted to ml then halved e.g. 56L = 28ml.

With petrol and a 1:1000 ratio it becomes 50ml of fuel conditioner to 50 Litres of petrol and with random litres just convert to ml hence 56 L requires 56ml.

The dual chamber bottles will allow 10ml to be conveniently measured and added to fuel by simple remove the cap and gently squeezing.

While there is something quite romantic about having the freedom to drive wherever the open road takes you. Whether representing pioneering spirit, implying large horizons and wide-open spaces, or epitomising economic travel with a comfortable change of scenery. Along side this aspiration to create a 'home away from home', having a little help to keep the fuel bills in check just makes sense.

We have a range of real world examples of customers benefiting from improved fuel efficiency. They are not necessarily camper vans or motorhomes however they give examples of what is possible.  

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What Can Affect the MPG/Fuel Efficiency of Your Leisure Vehicle?

The mileage per gallon will vary depending on your driving style and where you are driving. If you are driving in hill country, on rough terrain or on windy road you will get less mpg. You get the best mpg when driving at around 60mph on a flat road. The weight, size and length of your leisure vehicle will also affect its mpg. 

  • Using our Eliminox ECO™ fuel conditioner will improve your fuel efficiency by 8-10%.
  • Pack light as the heavier the vehicle the worse the mpg due to the harder pull on the engine by the increased weight. 
  • Keep up with your motorhome maintenance, regular engine checks will ensure any issues are highlighted before they become significant. 
  • Running your air conditioning excessively will contribute to poor mpg as it creates more work for your engine. 
  • Don't leave your engine running when parked, although this impact is small it will still be consuming fuel. 

Although leisure vehicles will always be costly to run, ElimiNOX ECO™ can help reduce the chance of expensive engine failures by preventing diesel bug, extending your engine's life, reducing service intervals and most importantly improving your motorhome's fuel efficiency. Don’t let the rising fuel costs keep you from making the most of your pride and joy!